domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2018


Nota de prensa
visita la galería de imágenes en el perfil de la Fundación en facebook. 
próximo curso en nuestra nueva sede de Alcalá la Real, Jaén,  (en primavera), para profesores de infantil y primaria, profesores universitarios, artistas, estudiantes y personas interesadas en el estudio y aplicación de la sinestesia. "IV curso Internacional de sinestesia, ciencia, arte y creatividad" 2019- Informaremos en breve-

jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

Ciencia para impacientes: Sinestesia, mezclando los sentidos

Ciencia para impacientes: Sinestesia, mezclando los sentidos La Fundación Internacional arteciudad/artecittà, viene difundiendo la ciencia de la sinestesia desde 2005. Sus publicaciones están disponibles en (entre ellas destaca el volumen: SINESTESIA, LOS FUNDAMENTOS TEÓRICOS, ARTÍSTICOS Y CIENTÍFICOS, única pubicación en castellano que reúne a los investigadores más importantes en la materia a nivel mundial. Un esfuerzo que la fundación ha querido hacer, ya que han debido de traducirse al castellano los textos de  los colaboradores qeu participan en este volumen, tales como: V. Ramachandran, Ed Hubbard, J. Ward, Sean A Day, Dina Riccò, Tonino Tornitore, Larry MarK; Joerg Jewanski; María Catricala, entre otros.... Ninguna de las publicaciones existente en el tema está tan actualixada como ésta!. Preparamos un seminario/curso en Barquesimeto, Venezuela, en colaboración con varias universidades como: UCLA; UPEL;UGR, entre otras europeas y organismos y centros españoles, para Septiembre de 2013. El próximo IV congreso Internacional se celabrará, como siempre, en Andalucía, España. Iremos informando!!!.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012
´´´´ The DEsegni-SEnstas (DE-SE) collective arises from the defense of contemporary artistic creation as an active element in relation to society working in spaces of participation. It focuses on the practice of Drawing as an approach, mediation and construction in specific contexts. ____________________________________________ . ´´´´ The name comes from DEsegni-Sentas, Esperanto words that mean Draw-Feel. The use of Esperanto to designate this group shares a common desire for the use of a universal language: like drawing, beyond verbal codes, finds common areas of approach to creation and understanding.______________________________________________________ . ´´´´ The use of two verbs and not a noun expresses the determination and commitment to "action", to engaged transformation through the act of feeling perceptual and affective elements of the accesible realities, and our desire to physically and conceptually participate through the tools of drawing.______________________________ . ´´´´ The typeface used is Chalk: the stroke imprinting the gesture that breaks inactivity to become action, tracing and building in the space which expresses and manifests. It also places us in a fundamentally pedagogical context: in the collective approach to drawing as a way to interact, learn, build, understand, convey, project ... from direct and intuitive forms to complex and interrelated ones. Moreover, as the basis for generating knowledge in the process, from interdisciplinary and collective thinking, critical and participatory, we propose to conduct laboratories -called "drawing-lab", as meeting platforms for shared creativity, reflection, commitment to political criticism and the exchange of knowledge._____________________ . ´´´´ To use the form of a regular hexagon allows us to reflect on the modularity and flexibility of the group, scalable and adaptable to each project. And the usage of DE-SE (Latin) as abbreviation to take collective action in the field of individual commitment, from the first person of the singular, engaging in active participation and a collective construction of the project___________________________________________________ . ´´´´ This collective is modelled on collaborative and proactive partnerships with other associations, having a definite social character based on a commons criteria and a spirit of retribution to society. Defined as nomadic in its physical mobility, and mutant in its social bond, it moves as much as its projects need in a plural, dynamic, changing, open, self-managed and non-institutional way._____________________________________ . ´´´´ We have opted for the use of two main colors: gray and red chalk. First, the graphite of the pencil and secondly, the non-greasy and earthy pigment that binds us to the earth. We set off with a sustainable concept that is grounded in the principles of de-growth from the realistic simplification of elements that drawing allows us. Thus a pencil, even a stick on the ground, is enough to convey creation, uniting thought, feeling and stroke. We reclaim the importance of the encounter as the seed of ideas and the practice of drawing as a vehicle of relation and expression, through immediacy or complexity, but in its naked-intimate connection with the creative essence._______________________________________________________________________________________ . ´´´´ The project aims to be a platform of approach, creation and intervention, aimed to specific targets in which the human context is a key element of different proposals and endeavors around the practice of drawing. A vision linked to drawing provides us with us a new awareness of reality, allowing to place ourselves back in a creative position to return new visions to our context, building and recognizing plural new ways of understanding.______________________________________________________________________________________________ . ´´´ The collective takes on an empirical research through the practice of drawing, taking into account both the visual and the linguistic, the analog and the digital, as well as the intuitive and the mathematical, the synaesthetic and the rational, the social and the individual ... wherever innovation emerges and is generated.___________________________________________________________________________________________________ . ´´´´ The actions and works carried out by the collective are licensed through a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license without derivative work.Desegni- Senstas